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Notice on Invitation of ChinaSourcing Summit 2015

CCIIP | 2015-10-22

July 29th,

Notice on

Invitation of ChinaSourcing Summit 2015

To Honorable IT Service Outsourcing Companies (SPs),

ChinaSourcing Summit 2015(hereinafter referred to as “The Summit”), an event co-sponsored by the Ministry of Commerce, the Ministry of Education, the Ministry of Science and Technology, the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology of People’s Republic of China and People’s Government of Zhejiang Province, undertaken by China Council for International Investment Promotion(CCIIP), the Municipal Government of Hangzhou and the Department of Commerce of Zhejiang province will be held from 24 to 25 September in Hangzhou.

The Summit with the theme of “Internet Plus: Driving Business Value via Digitalization” are consist of activities including the Global Service Outsourcing Industry Forum, industry-focused seminars, business networking, training activities and exhibition, etc. The Global Service Outsourcing Industry Forum is an important platform to report the frontier trend of industry. The industry-focused seminars cover the hot topics such as smart health, business of cloud computing, intelligent manufacturing, internet financial services and cross-border E-commerce, talents training, telecommunication services, Japanese-oriented market etc. Road show of innovation will be added to help enterprises solve project financing. Business networking includes one-on-one buyer-SP business appointment, SP case-study, buyers’ roundtable and one-on-one analyst meeting. Training activities include public analyst workshops and closed best practice workshops (invited) to meet the participants’ different demands. The Release Ceremony for Report on China’s Leading Service Providers and Growing Service Providers 2015 will also be held.

Now we sincerely invite you to attend the Summit. The details are as follows:

I. Time for Registration

09:30-18:00, September 23th, 2015

II. Venue

Zhejiang Dragon Hotel (Add: 120 Shuguang Road, West Lake District, Hangzhou, China)

III. Charge for participation

a) Charge for Registration: 1,000RMB/per person (170USD)

s Services:

- Participate in the Global Service Outsourcing Industry Forum 2015;

- Participate in the Smart Healthy City Forum 2015 (except for road show of the digital healthy investment and financing);

- Participate in industry-focused seminars;

- Participate in the analyst lectures (workshops);

- Apply to participate in business networking activities;

- Enjoy business lunch/dinner and coffee breaks;

- Enterprise Catalog will be published in both the journal of CCIIP and website.

b) Charge for exhibition boards: 5,000RMB/per (810USD)

To satisfy the promotion needs of companies, we also prepare exhibition board for display.

c) Charge for exhibition booths: 10,000RMB/per (1620USD)

Due to the limited area, the number of booths (3 m * 3 m) is subject to availability. We will confirm according to the order of application.

d) One-on-one Buyer-SP Business Appointment: 100RMB/per (20USD)

“One-on-one Buyer-SP Business Appointment” is one of the most popular special business activities. One appointment will cost 30 minutes.

e) Member Privileges

Members of ChinaSourcing Working Committee (2015 membership fee paid) will have the below privileges:

(1) President Company

s 3 free-charge tickets of the Summit

s 1 free-charge booth (3*3)

s Automatically updated to the Golden Sponsor of the Summit (Note: no repeated access to free booth and ticket; if apply to update further, equal amount of the golden sponsor charge will be deducted from the actual sponsor fee)

(2) Vice President Company

s 2 free-charge tickets of the Summit

s 1 free-charge booth (3*3)

s 50% discount on all types of sponsorship

(3) Council Company

s 1 free-charge ticket of the Summit

s 50% discount on both booths and boards

s 20% discount on all types of sponsorship

(4) Members of the committee

s 10% discount on all types of booths

IV. Registration of the Summit

Companies willing to attend the Summit please finish on-line registration, go through payment procedures ( and submit the brief electronic introduction of companies within 200 words in both Chinese and English edition, and logo of company (vector diagram) before August 21st (Friday).

V. SP/IT Service Outsourcing Industry Park Case Study

4~6 case study sessions are scheduled (90 minutes per session) for SPs to share the cases (business solutions) in business innovation and transformation to showcase the service capability directly to buyers, and for IT service outsourcing industry parks to enjoy the fruits of industry gathering in the process of promoting IT service outsourcing.

Case studies are expected to focus on the topics such as financial service, telecommunication service, electricity generating and energy system service, intelligent manufacturing, cross border e-commerce industries, CRO, smart health etc. Speakers should be key player of the companies (VPs or above or team leaders of the related case). Languages used should be Chinese or English.

For those registered firms who want to share their cases, please submit your application form (Appendix 2) by August 21st (Friday). The final name list will be released after confirmed by analysts from the organizing committee and major buyers.

VI. One-on-one Analyst Meeting

To help solve the problems on medium to long-term development strategy of companies, the Summit 2015 especially arrange 8~12 sessions of one-on-one analyst meetings (30 min per session) by Gartner’s analysts. Companies registered to the summit and intend to reserve the meeting, please submit the Application (Appendix 2) before August 21st (Friday). The final list will be verified and confirmed by analysts from Garner. The information of Gartner analysts is as below:


1-Preliminary Program for ChinaSourcing Summit 2015.pdf

2-Application Form for SP-Park Case Study 2015.docx

3-Application Form for One-on-one Analyst Meeting 2015.docx

Download: Notes for Invitation of ChinaSourcing Summit 2015.pdf


Sponsorship/SP Case Study

Contact Person: Li Lu

Tel: 010-65978801-306

Fax: 010-65978210


Attendance of the Summit/Project Financing

Contact Person: Wang Mo/Hu Wenxiu

Tel: 010-65978801-308, 65978788-813

Fax: 010-65978201


Registration/ One-on-one Buyer-SP Business Appointment

Contact Person: Gu Fangchao

Tel: 010-65978801-310

Fax: 010-65978210


One-on-one Analyst Meeting

Contact Person: Jiang Xiaolei

Tel: 010-65978801-307

Fax: 010-65978210


Attendance of the Exhibition

Contact Person: Zhao Xunbo

Tel: 010-65978788-817, 65685981

Fax: 010-65978210



China Council for International Investment Promotion (CCIIP)

Author: CCIIP   Editor: 程雨枫